What is the Fund for Community Land?

Our mission at the Arizona Community Land Trust is to hold and protect community land. Land donations are one way to do that. Purchasing land outright is another. We established the Fund for Community Land in 2019 to reserve funds exclusively for the purchase of community land. This land would be used for community endeavors such as affordable housing or community agriculture.

If you are in a position to give more than the $10 membership fee, would you be willing to give to this new fund? Single donations and/or monthly donations are both welcome.

Why a Separate Fund?

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Every organization has some amount of administrative and overhead fees. Ours are very low, but this fund allows us to designate a specific fund to be used exclusively for the purchase of land nonetheless.

It also means that donors can specify how they would like their donations to be used. If you’d like to make a donation specifically to the fund for community land, you can do that here.

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