Good Neighbors! Chandler!

A Collaborative Effort Between the Arizona Community Land Trust & Hall’s Community Foundation

Join us in creating Empowerment Housing, a transitional housing program designed to equip individuals with essential skills while benefiting the larger community. Our initiative aims to provide a supportive environment where residents not only receive shelter but also have the opportunity to learn valuable skills, contributing positively to society.

  • Transitional housing with a purpose: Our program goes beyond just providing shelter. We offer a structured curriculum focusing on skill development, including vocational training, financial literacy, and life skills workshops.
  • Community impact: Residents will engage in community service projects, fostering a sense of belonging and responsibility. They’ll give back to the community while learning the importance of altruism and teamwork.
  • Breaking the cycle of homelessness: By equipping individuals with skills and support, we empower them to transition successfully into independent living, breaking the cycle of homelessness and dependency.
  • We are in the initial year/planning phase of the project. Your donations will go towards funding design professionals including architects and civil engineers. We will also be holding meetings with City planning officials, community residents and local businesses to introduce and promote our concept.
  • Operational expenses: Your contributions will cover staff salaries, promotional materials, meeting incidentals, and other day-to-day operational costs of these organizations during this planning process.
  • Community projects: We envision our first community project will be holding workshops on the construction techniques required to build the residences and community buildings. (See project details below for more information.)

Together, we can make a difference in the lives of individuals experiencing homelessness, while also strengthening our communities. Join us in building futures and creating positive change. Every contribution counts!

Thank you for your generosity and support!

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Project Specifics

The plan shows a combination of private space and community space. Residents need private space to center and process the transitions occurring in their lives. Community space offers the opportunity for human interaction, creating a supportive community atmosphere.

Structures on the property will be made of Aircreate, a lightweight but sturdy building material that can easily be fashioned into organic shapes that resemble domes or adobe structures of the old Southwest. (To learn more about this technique visit


Gardening will be a featured component of life for the residents. People who are currently out of work will be able to grow food as a way of contributing to the life of the community. Greenhouses will also enable residents to grow plant starts that can either be sold or given to people in the neighborhood. Long-term there is the potential of forming a worker-owned cooperative that would help people in the neighborhood create and maintain kitchen gardens.

The property is located just one block away from the main commercial district in Chandler. Residents will be able to walk to government offices and opportunities for entry level employment with restaurants, hotels, and other local businesses. In fact, automobiles will be discouraged so that residents can focus their attention on creating a smooth transition back into society.